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EduKedar – Online Education Made Easy.

What is Edukedar?

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Edukedar.com is an educational platform that making online education easier.

A one-stop portal for college students that provides Career guidance, study material, notes, and freelance job opportunities.

All educational courses, tutorials, notes, and blog content services are free and designed by the best educators and authors.

Study Material and Career Guidance topics that we provide are as follow;

  • Business and Management
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Health and Medical Science
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Science and Technology
  • Law and Politics
  • National/International Test & Competitive Exams

Who Are We?

Edukedar.com is managed and run by a team of young management students who are writing educational articles voluntarily. 

Content shared on this blog is guided by renowned educators and professors of DBGI – Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutes.

DBGI engulfs a dynamic set of faculties that consists of teachers with multi-faceted expertise with competencies in a variety of domains.

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institute, Dehradun is a non-profit, self-governed institute devoted to offering unique and advanced academic models that help in engaging minds and enlightening the imagination of the students, involving them into efficient and competent human beings.

Edukedar.com – How it Started?

EduKedar.com was launched on January 17, 2021, by Management students of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions.

Management Scholars from DBGI are the founding members and contributors of this blog.

Edukedar.com is the brainchild of Mr. Gaurav Mamgain, freelance writing & SEO specialist from Dehradun. He’s been in the blogging and freelancing profession since 2014.

He’s been associated with various renowned internet establishments such as Google, Buzzfeed, iLyke Affiliate, Feed89, and Ideavent Ltd.

Edukedar Project

Edukedar project is initiated by few students, and now it is spreading like wildfire. Students are contributing to the project and enhancing their writing skills and academic knowledge.

We are on a mission to make education more friendly and accessible to students from all fields of study and courses.

Our team of scholars is doing research on how the education system of schools and colleges can be made more interesting and engaging.


The three main objectives of the Edukedar Project are;

  • To provide the best study material, notes, and guidance for college students.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship among students by giving legal and first-hand support.
  • Financial support to the talented students and contributors of the Project.

We are also developing an educator community that contributes to guiding college students during their college days and ultimately it will help students to achieve their dreams and goals. 

Many students are writing articles related to their academic studies by doing proper content research.

Edukedar Trainers are providing free webinars on Content Writing, Freelancing, and Digital Marketing. After attending these sessions, many fresher students are learning the art of writing content and freelancing.

Edukedar Project is a non-profit program that provides free webinar training and freelance job opportunities to young students.

If you have any query then you can send us an email at [email protected]