Terrorism: Meaning, Definition, Signs, Causes, Impact & Consequences

Terrorism is the unlawful utilization of power or savagery against people or property to scare or pressure a Government, the nonmilitary personnel populace, or any section thereof, in the advancement of political or social...
women empowerment

Women Empowerment: Meaning, Type, Principle, Importance India

Women empowerment can be defined as advancing womens' self-appreciation worth, their capacity to decide their own decisions, and their entitlement to impact social change for themselves and others. In Western Countries, female strengthening is regularly...
human settlement

Human Settlement: Meaning, Definition, Types, Factors, (Rural and Urban)

Human Settlement is a place where people live and are connected through activities such as agriculture, trading, and entertainment. Human settlement in geography helps us to understand the relation of humans with their environment....
human capital formation

Human Capital Formation: Meaning, Sources, Importance, Roles & Problems

Human Capital formation is the process of acquiring and increasing the number of persons who have the skills, education, and experience which are critical for the economic and political development of the economy. Here...
what is poverty

Poverty: Meaning, Definition, Cause, Characteristic, Type, Criticism of BPL

Poverty is a widely popular term used to showcase the state of being poor. It represents those things that determine the quality of life, including food clothing, shelter, and safe drinking water, but also...
sustainable development meaning

Importance of Sustainable Development: Need, Objectives, Goals

Sustainable development is a getting sorted out rule for meeting human development objectives while additionally supporting the capacity of regular frameworks to give the normal assets and biological system administrations on which the economy...
what is liberalization

Liberalization: Meaning, Objective, Reforms, New Economic Policy 1991

Liberalization refers to the relaxation of the previous government restriction usually in the area of economic policies and business activities. Here we have shared information about Liberalization such as the Liberalization definition and its...
reason and causes of deforestation

Causes of Deforestation: Meaning, Reason & Effects on Environment

Deforestation is the deliberate getting free from forested land. Here we have shared all the major causes of deforestation and the meaning and effects of deforestation in India. ► What is Deforestation? Forest are being cut...
population composition meaning

Population Composition: Meaning, Characteristics & Components

Population composition refers to the structure of a population formed by components such as age, sex ratio, literacy, etc. Here we have shared the meaning and characteristics of Population composition and its components. ► What...
Consumer Protection Act 2019 and 1986

Consumer Protection Act 2019 and 1986: Importance, Scope, Laws, Rights

Consumer Protection Act 2019 intends to defend and advance customers' inclinations by settling their grievances in an ideal and practical way. It came into power on July 20, 2020. It covers the whole nation of...
what is world population

What is World Population? Main Causes, Effects, Top 20 Countries

A population consists of individuals of the same species living together and can reproduce with each other for the constitution of the species. Here in this article, we have explained what is world population...
Essential Elements of Valid Contract

Essential Elements of Valid Contract (Explained With Examples)

To clarify the basics of a legitimate or valid agreement, we carry you with the rundown unfurled by the Indian Contract Act 1872. Today in this article we have shared complete detail of essential...