Business Speech: Types with Examples, Informative, Special, Persuasive

Good presentation and speaking habits may be considered soft skills in the workplace or in any type of organization. Today in this article, we have shared what is business speech and how many types of business speeches are there.

Anybody can relate to all these types of business speech because these all are equally important in social life as well. So let’s start our topic with the basics of business speech.

► What is Business Speech?

Speech refers to that action when a person stands among a great number of people and starts delivering any kind of information or statement. It may be or may not be useful for the whole audience but most of the time it is valuable for them.

A speech that is delivered in the workplace or in any business organization for some specific purpose is known as Business Speech.

This is one of the forms of Business Communication and the audience has to sit quietly while the speech is being delivered. Most of the time audience knows very well that the speech must contain anything that will be beneficial for them.

► Types of Business Speech:

types of business speech

There are mainly three types of speech that are as follow;

  • Informative Speech
  • Persuasive Speech
  • Special Occasion Speech

Informative Speech

Informative business speech can be defined as speech that comprises the purpose to deliver useful information to the audience.

For Example – In any organization, an Executive Coach or Trainer speaking about the new trends in the market to his trainees. It can be hard to understand for few trainees, but the fact is that he is delivering something informative that is beneficial for them.

Informative Speech is further divided into four types;

  • Speeches about Objects
  • Speeches about Events
  • Speeches about Processes
  • Speeches about Concepts

The following are known kinds of informative speech.

✔ Speeches about Objects:

It can be about any object related to that particular organization where the speech is being delivered.

For Example – how various wildlife animals look, what is the smell of medicine, information about any product.

✔ Speeches about Events:

Those speeches that inform the audience about any events like historical incidents or about any situations are called speeches about the event.

For Example – New President’s speech about future goals after the oath-taking ceremony.

✔ Speeches about Processes:

The main purpose of this type of informative speech is to inform the audience about anything which is currently happening or about how to do any particular task or work.

For Example – a Yoga teacher explaining how to perform specific yoga poses.

✔ Speeches about Concepts:

Speeches about concepts are those speeches that inform the audience about any concept such as the peace of the world, freedom of rights, or love, fundamentals of any study topic.

For Example – a Science teacher explains Einstein’s theory of general relativity to his students in the class.

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Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech refers to those speeches where the intention of the speech is to convince the audience to accept the particular opinion or fact and create influence on the audience to do anyhow.

In short, the speech which influences the listeners or audience to follow a certain idea is called a persuasive speech.

Persuasive speech is also an informative speech. because here speaker gives information in a lucrative manner to influence others.

For Example –  in any debate, every person is try to persuade others to follow their given point of view. It is a form of persuasive speech.

In another example, During the advertising and promotional functions of any business, the sales manager or speaker uses his persuasion skills to influence the audience. Here the main purpose of speech is to change the thinking, beliefs, or behaviors of the audience towards his product.

Persuasive speech can be divided into three types that are as follows:

  • Factual Persuasive Speech
  • Value Persuasive Speech
  • Policy Persuasive Speech

✔ Factual Persuasive Speech:

The Factual Persuasive Speech is such a speech that contains facts and it is based on a concrete proof about the certainty of anything that had happened.

The main purpose of this factual persuasive speech is to persuade the listeners whether the certain thing happened or not, exists or doesn’t exist.

For Example – If a student is giving a speech about the first man, who landed on the surface of the Moon. Nobody in the class knows whether it did happen or not, yet it possesses concrete proof.

✔ Value Persuasive Speech:

A Value Persuasive Speech is such a speech that tells the listeners about anything, whether it is wrong or right. The purpose of this speech is to challenge the ethical or moral aspects of a certain issue.

For Example –  If someone is giving a speech about capital punishment, whether it is moral or immoral, right or wrong, done or prevented. this type of speech is a value persuasive speech.

✔ Policy Persuasive Speech:

The policy persuasive speech refers to that speech where the speaker is trying to persuade the audience to either following a policy or rejecting it. It is not limited to just a policy, but it can be about accepting or rejecting a rule or a candidate is also a policy persuasive speech.

For Example – Suppose If the President of a country is not satisfied with the present foreign policy and wants to change it. The president gives a speech to higher authorities for convincing them to change the current foreign policy and support the new policy then it is known as policy persuasive speech.

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Special Occasion Speech:

Special Occasion speech refers to that speech which is given on the special occasion like;  A speech of farewell allows someone to say good-bye to one part of his or her life as he or she is moving on to the next part of life. Maybe you’ve accepted a new job and are leaving your current job.

Special occasion business speech is something which anyone can face at some point in their lives.

For example –  If your company won an award of the year for excellence. And you are receiving that award on the behalf of your company. The speech given by you after getting the award can be considered as a special occasion business speech.

In another example, If you are getting retirement from your job and want to thank your subordinates, superiors, and top management at the farewell party.

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