What are Primary sector activities

Primary Sector Activities

Primary Activities in the economy are that in which every one of the monetary exercises directly depends upon nature is the primary activity. They...
what is Secularism

What is Secularism? Meaning Definition, Cause in India, Challenge

Secularism means the partition of religion from the state. Strict regulations in private spaces, for Muslim Indians; and right now, in certain circumstances, for...
what is Gender Equality

What is Gender Equality?

Gender equality is when individuals of all sexes have equivalent privileges, obligations, and valuable open doors. Everybody is impacted by orientation imbalance - ladies,...
what is poverty

Poverty: Meaning, Definition, Cause, Characteristic, Type, Criticism of BPL

Poverty is a widely popular term used to showcase the state of being poor. It represents those things that determine the quality of life,...
what is liberalization

Liberalization: Meaning, Objective, Reforms, New Economic Policy 1991

Liberalization refers to the relaxation of the previous government restriction usually in the area of economic policies and business activities. Here we have shared...
What are secondary sector activities

Secondary Sector Activities

Secondary sector activities are the use of raw materials to produce something new and more valuable. Here in this article, we have explained what...
modes of transport

Modes of Transport

Transportation is a system for the movement of people and goods starting with one place and then onto the next utilizing people, animals, and...
Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

Indian Economy on the eve of independence the condition was very bad there was nothing, and everything was destroyed. Here in this article, we...

Terrorism: Meaning, Definition, Signs, Causes, Impact & Consequences

Terrorism is the unlawful utilization of power or savagery against people or property to scare or pressure a Government, the nonmilitary personnel populace, or...
what is online education

What is Online Education?

Online education refers to the study instruction that is conveyed and controlled utilizing the Internet. Regularly notwithstanding, teachers in up close and personal courses...