What is Human Geography

What is Human Geography?

Human Geography is the study of the changing relationship between the unresting humans and the unstable earth. Today in this article, we have explained...
what is politics

What is Politics?

Politics is known as the art and science of government. Here Art and science referred to the ability to guide and influence government policy....

What is Varna System (Hinduism)

Varna system is discussed in a detailed manner in Dharma-Shastra. Indian Varna System divides society into four varnas or classes. Those who fall out...
what is innovation

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the reasonable utilization of thoughts that outcome in various new kinds of new contributions, similar to items, administrations, cycles, and plans of...
population composition meaning

Population Composition: Meaning, Characteristics & Components

Population composition refers to the structure of a population formed by components such as age, sex ratio, literacy, etc. Here we have shared the...
What are tertiary sector activities

Tertiary Sector Activities

The tertiary sector activity consists of all service occupations such as Transport, communication, trade, healthcare, education, and public services. The growth of primary and...
what is urbanization

What is Urbanization?

Urbanization is the physical growth of rural or natural land into urban areas as a result of population migration to an existing urban area....
what is corruption

What is Corruption?

The expression "Corruption" is usually utilized in ordinary language, so the greater part of us know about it. What is Corruption? To us, different...
What is Industrialization

What is Industrialization?

Industrialization is the process by which a society becomes technologically advanced, especially in terms of manufacturing and production. Here in this article, we have...
What is Smart City Mission

Smart City Mission in India: Meaning, Objective, Feature, Model Advantage

A smart city mission is where conventional infrastructure and administrations are made more adaptable, proficient, and supportable with the utilization of data, advanced, and...