What is Project Report? Format, Objective, Content, Characteristic

◉ Project Report Meaning

“A project report means a written document of a project prepared after detailed study and analysis of the various aspect of a project.”

Definition of Project Report

“A project is an organized unit dedicated to the attainment of a goal, the successful completion of a development project on time, within budget, in conformance with predetermined program specification,”

“A project is an approval for a capital investment to develop facilities to provide goods and services.” World Bank

  • The project report is defined as a written statement of what an entrepreneur proposes to take up.
  • It serves as a blueprint or roadmap to reach the destination determined by the entrepreneur.
  • All future courses of action are mentioned in the report to achieve the project objectives within a specified period of time.

► Objectives of Project Report

The things that you truly need to bear in mind for it. We will in like manner edify you concerning a device that will help you with considering one in a split second. We should roll!

  • Choosing Best Investment Proposal
  • Financing of the Project report
  • Tracking
  • Visibility and Feasibility
  • Cost Management
  • Monetary Assistance & Cost Benefit Analysis

◉ Choosing Best Investment Proposal

The project report is a proficient device for dissecting the situation with any venture proposition. It shows the normal benefit and hazards related to the task and this way helps in picking the most ideal choice.

◉ Financing of Project Report

It is fundamental for enlistment or endorsement motivations behind the proposed project. Various specialists like District businesses focus, Venture capitalists, Government offices, and so forth require project reports for giving funds and financing.

◉ Tracking

The Project report helps with following the current exercises of the undertaking. It helps colleagues and different partners to check the undertaking progress every once in a while and helps in discovering any deviations against the first arrangement.

◉ Visibility

Another significant benefit of having the undertaking report is that it gives a full understanding of the venture. It gives a reasonable depiction of exercises to be embraced and dodges any disarray or turmoil.

Hazard Identification: Identification of hazards is a critical stage for the fulfillment of each task. The undertaking report empowers in detecting the danger early and making all remedial moves convenient.

◉ Cost Management

Project report helps in dealing with the costs through ordinary detailing, everything being equal. It sets the standard expense of each activity ahead of time and helps in discovering any deviation in these expenses through following the task.

◉ Monetary Assistance

It is a significant instrument for profiting from monetary help from monetary foundations or asset suppliers.

The undertaking report empowers monetary organizations in passing judgment on the productivity of the proposed task and afterward takes the choice appropriately for endorsing the assets.

Test Business Soundness: The project report helps in testing the productivity and adequacy of the proposed project. It tells the absolute assessed costs, conceivable pay, and hazard related to any proposition.

► Characteristics of Project Report

  • Scope
  • Resource
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Risk

◉ Scope

The project report gives an unmistakable image of what can anyone do or be accomplished. It depicts the objectives of the proposed venture and exercises to be attempted for accomplishing these objectives.

◉ Resource

It shows the means or assets expected to meet the ideal degree. Project report fills in as the guide which tells the course in which a business ought to head to accomplish its objectives.

◉ Time

The project report indicates the standard time expected for the consummation of every single assignment of the proposed project.

◉ Quality

The project report discloses the ideal guidelines to be accomplished by the finish, everything being equal. The cutoff of deviations that can be acknowledged from these characterized principles is likewise contained in this report.

◉ Risk

Risk is an unavoidable variable related to each business and requirements to be checked appropriately.

The venture report thinks about all hazard factors that might show up toward the fruition of the proposed project and tells the ways for recuperating from these variables.

► Example of Project Report

ITS Solution, transportation signal priority, and automated fare collection system for Indore City Combining communication strategies and techniques to accomplish this intelligent transport system (ITS).

◉ Objective and Scope

  • To implement intelligent transportation solutions in the city of Indore.
  • To reduce the traffic problems in Indore city.

◉ Project Outline

  • Outlines the urban transport development strategy and plan for the city of Indore
  • Prepare baseline urban transport scenario relevant to the project
  • Detailing the ITS operations plan
  • Detailing the Automated Fare Collection System
  • Project execution methodology
  • Benefits and Costs

◉ Facts

  • In 1975 the total vehicle in Indore city is 24750 but in 2005 the no of vehicles increased to 658604.
  • This is a 40% increment, so the traffic is more in 2005 compared to 1975. due to that lot of problems may occur in future.

◉ Organizational of Stakeholders Regulator

  1. State Government, Traffic and Transport Department (Government)
  2. ICTSL Planning Management Control (Private Sector)
  3. Bus Operator (Control Government)

Planning Management Control

1. Infrastructure (Public)

  • Corridors
  • Stations
  • Garages
  • Complementary Infrastructure

2. Fare Collection (Private)

  • Equipment
  • Smart Cards

3. Operation (Private)

  • Multiple Operators on each trunk line.
  • Buses Employees
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