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Engineering Topics are list here that are helpful for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronic, IT, and Computer Science students.

What is Software

What is Software?

Software is a collection of instructions or programs that tell a computer or other electronic device what to do. Here we have shared what...
types of software

Types of Software

There are many types of software, including system software, application software, programming software, utility software, middleware software, firmware, open source software, proprietary software, freeware,...

Engineering Topics in Edukedar Project

Here you will find the list of Engineering topics available on the Edukedar Project. We have combined articles according to their branches in Engineering...
what is innovation

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the reasonable utilization of thoughts that outcome in various new kinds of new contributions, similar to items, administrations, cycles, and plans of...
Failed To Enumerate Objects In The Container

Failed To Enumerate Objects In The Container – Windows 10 Error [FIX]

If you are facing an error message showing "Failed To Enumerate Objects In The Container" in windows 10, or in windows 8. then this...
System Interrupts

System Interrupts – How To Fix High CPU Usage in Windows?

If you've ever looked through your Task Manager window, you've undoubtedly seen a process called "System interrupts" and then disregarded it. But if it's...
Easiest Programming Language To Learn

Easiest Programming Language To Learn in 2021 (Python)

There are thousands of programming languages created so far and fresher computer students are often confused about which programming language is easy to start....
Bubble Sort In JAVA

Bubble Sort In JAVA (Algorithm Program Steps With Examples)

The Bubble sort algorithm is one of the most simple sorting algorithms and it is a great learning tool because it is easy to...
Types of Programming Language

Types of Programming Language: Low, Medium, High Level with Examples

Programming language is a collection of instructions that the CPU (Central Processing Unit) assembles to complete a certain task in a computer. Here we...
Computer Science vs Software Engineering

Computer Science vs Software Engineering: Differences & Scope

There is a big confusion among students about Computer Science vs Software engineering. So here in this article, we have shared key differences and...