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Engineering Topics are list here that are helpful for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronic, IT, and Computer Science students.

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) for Data Error Detection (With Example)

Bits can be corrupted while being transported over a computer network owing to interference and network difficulties. Errors are caused by corrupted bits, which...

Congestion control in Computer Networks: Types and Techniques

Congestion Control is also known as TCP Congestion control. TCP refers to Transmission Control Protocol that uses a network congestion-avoidance algorithm.It includes various aspects...
applet life cycle in java

Applet Life Cycle in Java With Example

An applet Life cycle in java is all states of the panel that allows interaction with a Java program. An applet in java may...
Types of Memory in Computer

Types of Memory in Computer: RAM, ROM, Cache, Primary & Secondary

Memory is the most important component of any computer system and its normal operation. The memory is divided into categories by the computer system...
Types of Programming Language

Types of Programming Language: Low, Medium, High Level with Examples

Programming language is a collection of instructions that the CPU (Central Processing Unit) assembles to complete a certain task in a computer. Here we...
physical layer

Physical Layer in OSI Model: Functions, Issues, Protocols & Device

Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model has seven-layer and Physical Layer is the lowest layer and is concerned with wiring and electrical standards. It provides...

Multiplexing (FDM, WDM, TDM): Use, Type, Technique, Computer Networking

We'll go through the notion of multiplexing in computer networks in this tutorial. We have shared all the basic information about MUX used in...
System Interrupts

System Interrupts – How To Fix High CPU Usage in Windows?

If you've ever looked through your Task Manager window, you've undoubtedly seen a process called "System interrupts" and then disregarded it. But if it's...
Difference Between CISC And RISC - Use, Characteristics, Advantages

Difference Between CISC And RISC – Use, Characteristics & Advantages

CISC and RISC, both are instruction set-based microprocessors. RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computer and CISC stand for Complex Instruction Set Computer. Here...
Failed To Enumerate Objects In The Container

Failed To Enumerate Objects In The Container – Windows 10 Error [FIX]

If you are facing an error message showing "Failed To Enumerate Objects In The Container" in windows 10, or in windows 8. then this...