Human Resource Planning & Development Syllabus for MBA – UTU Dehradun


Human Resource Planning & Development, in short, HRPD is an important subject in management study and courses like PGDM, MBA,,, BBA, ..etc. Here we have shared all the topics that are in the syllabus of Human Resource Planning & Development (HRPD) in the fourth semester of MBA (Master of Business Administration).

What is Human Resource Planning & Development?

Human Resource planning is simply the planning of human resources. It is also known as manpower planning, employment planning, or personnel planning

Human resource planning is a process of analyzing and identifying the need for and availability of human resources so that the organization can meet its objectives.

Definition of Human Resource Planning (HRP)

According to EW Vetter, Human resource planning (HRP) is the process by which management determines how an organization should make from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position.

Definition of Human Resource Development (HRD)

According to Gilley and Eggland, Human resource development or HRD is organized learning experiences provided by employees to bring about the possibility of performance growth or personnel growth within a specified period of time.

► Why do we study HRPD?

  • Examine and apply human resource planning in an organization.
  • Understand and develop career planning& development related activities in the organization
  • Apply the basic concepts of HRD, different approaches to HRD, HRD styles, Structure, and competencies for the growth of an organization.
  • Examine the impact of HRD in an organization with the help of various data collecting techniques.
  • Develop organization culture by implementing HRD techniques in Organizations

► Human Resource Planning & Development Syllabus

Syllabus of Human Resource Planning & Development in MBA.

Subject Name: Human Resource Planning & Development
Subject Code: MBAT 435
Course: MBA IV Semester 2020-22
University: Uttarakhand Technical University (Dehradun, Uttarakhand)
Total Credit: 3
Internal Marks: 30
External Marks: 70
Total Marks: 100

HRPD Syllabus in MBA (UTU, Dehradun)

Note: This Human Resource Planning & Development (HRPD) Syllabus is as per MBA Academic Session 2020-21 of Uttarakhand Technical University, UTU Dehradun. The syllabus is according to the Scheme of Examination as per AICTE Flexible Curricula.

Unit 1: Human Resource Planning

Approaches to Human Resource Planning,
Need for Human Resource Planning,
objectives Types of HR plan,
Dimensions of Human Resource Planning,
Approaches-Social Demand Approach,
Rate of Return Approach
Manpower Requirement Approach.
Human Resource Information System,
Human Resource Planning Process,
Approaches to Human Resource Planning,
Benefits of Human Resource Planning,
Problems/Barriers to Human Resource Planning.

Unit 2: Career planning

Career Stages,
Significance of Career Planning,
Need and Components of Career Planning,
Career planning vs. Human resource planning,
career planning vs. succession planning,
Process of career planning and career development,
Human Resources Evaluation: Human Resources Audit and Human Resource Accounting,
Succession planning, HRMetrics.

Unit 3: Evolution and Concept of HRD

System concept,
Role of HRD,
HRD climate and its element,
HRD Matrix,
HRD Function,
HRD Process,
Role of line managers and supervisors in HRD.

Unit 4: Assessing and Implementing HRD Programmes

Task analysis,
Person Analysis,
Organizational analyses,
Assessing HRD needs,
HRD process models Training Vs HRD,
HRD intervention,
Quality of Work-life.
Creating HRD environment,
Evaluation framework;
collecting, data for evaluation,
research design,
issues concerning evaluation,
assessing the impact of HRD.

Unit 5: Organizational Culture and HRD

Workforce diversity and HRD,
Labor Market changes,
Equal Employment Opportunity,
adapting demographic changes and gender issues,
HRD practices in the manufacturing and services sector

Suggested Reading & Books

  1. Bhattacharya, DipakKumar – Human Resource Planning, ExcelBooks.
  2. T.V.Rao Human Resource Development Oxford IBH Publication
  3. Aswathapa, Human Resource, and Personnel Management Text &Cases, TMH.
  4. Desimone &Harries–Human Resource Development –Thomson Learning