Production and Operation Management Syllabus in MBA

Production and Operation Management, in short, POM is an important subject in management study and courses like PGDM, MBA,,, BBA, ..etc. Here we have shared all the topics that are in the syllabus of Production and operation management in the second semester of MBA (Master of Business Administration).

► What is Production and Operation management?

Production and operation management (POM) is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the transformation process, which converts the various inputs into the desired outputs of products and services.


“Production and operation management can be defined as decision-making in production process activities.”

“It is essential that the goods or services are produced according to required quantity and by the scheduled demand at the minimum cost possible.” – ES Buffa

Why we study Production and Operation Management?

  1. To analyze the basics of production management and the responsible factors.
  2. To apply the various types of production processes, the essentialities of a product such as its selection, various procedures, and its stocking.
  3. To facilitate the various activities relating to scheduling and measuring of production take place and how control can be obtained on both product and quality.
  4. To develop various models that deal with inventory, control, safety, and security management in the production process.
  5. To create supply and logistics, distribution networks, and their management.

► Production and Operation Management Syllabus

production and operations management syllabus

Syllabus of Production and Operation Management in MBA 2nd semester.

Subject Name: Production and Operation Management
Subject Code: MBAT 207
Course: MBA II Semester 2020-22
University: Uttarakhand Technical University (Dehradun, Uttarakhand)
Total Credit: 3
Internal Marks: 30
External Marks: 70
Total Marks: 100

POM Syllabus in MBA (UTU Dehradun)

Note: This POM Syllabus is as per MBA Academic Session 2020-21 of Uttarakhand Technical University, UTU Dehradun. The production management syllabus is according to the Scheme of Examination as per AICTE Flexible Curricula.

Unit 1: Introduction

Nature and Scope of Production/Operations Management,
POM Relationship with other Systems in the Organisation,
Factors that affect System and Concept of Production and Operation Management.
Facility Location,
Types of Manufacturing Systems,
Lean Manufacturing,
Student Planning and Analysis.

Unit 2: Production System and Related Concepts

Functions of Production and Material Management,
Types of Production Systems,
Productivity Variables, and Productivity Measurement,
Production Planning and Control in Mass Production,
Batch Production,
Job Order Production,
Product Design and Development,
Process Selection,
Capacity Design,
Determination of Material Required,
Procedure for Purchasing,
Stocking and Distribution of Materials.

Unit 3: Scheduling and measuring Production Activities

Maintenance Management Concepts,
Method Study,
Work Measurement,
Work Sampling,
Work Environment and Safety,
Material Management.

Unit 4: Material and Inventory Management

An overview of Material Management,
Material Planning and Inventory Control,
Inventory Models,
(Classical EOQ, Model with Shortages ),
Budgeting and Material Planning,
Purchase Management,
Store Management,
Safety Management.

Unit 5: Quality in Prod. & Ops Management

Quality Assurance,
Accepting Sampling,
Statistical Process Control,
Total Quality Management,
QMS and ISO Standards.

► Suggested Books & Readings

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  2. Chary SN, Production, and Operations Management- Concepts, Methods and Strategy, PHI New Delhi 2005
  3. Buffa. ES, Modern Production Management; John Willey, New York 1993
  4. Ajay Garg, Production and Operations Management, TMH, Delhi
  5. Richard B Chase, Ravi Shankar, F.R. Jacobs, N.J. Aquilano, Operations and Supply Management TMH, Delhi
  6. R Panneerselvam Book, Production and Operations Management, PHI New Delhi
  7. Joseph Martinich, Production and Operations Management, TMH, Delhi
  8. K Aswathappa, Production and Operations Management, TMH, Delhi
  9. Pankaj Madan; Production and Operation Management, Global Vision Publishing, New Delhi (2010)
  10. William J Stevenson, Operation Management, TMH, New Delhi2009

► MBA (II Sem) Complete Syllabus

  1. Organizational Behaviour (OB)
  2. Management Accounting (MA)
  3. Special Foundation Course (SFC)
  4. Marketing Management (MM)
  5. Financial Management (FM)
  6. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  7. Production and Operation Management (POM)
  8. Business Research Methods (BRM)
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