Scope of Organisational Behavior


With the help of this article, you will in detail get an overview of what is organizational behavior, its meaning, and definition, the elements of OB, and the scope of Organisational Behavior.

► What is Organisational Behaviour?

Organizational behavior is the academic study of what people do in an organization and how their behavior affects the organization’s performance.

One of the most simple yet profound definitions of organizational behavior is given below

Organizational behavior is defined as the study of the behavior of humans in the workplace and the interaction between people and organizations.

✔ Meaning of Organisational Behavior

In simple words, Organization behavior is defined as the study of the behavior of people or groups when they interact with the organization, to know what attributes bring changes in the behavior of people and organizations.

✔ Definition of Organisational Behavior

In simple words, we may be defined as the organization behavior studies how can the interaction between employee – organization and employee coworkers is governed or regulated in such a way that employee behavior is conducive to the survival and effectiveness of the organization.

“Organizational behavior is directly concerned with the understanding, prediction, and control of human behavior in an organization.”- Fred Luthan

The five key elements in the study of organizational behavior are –

  1. People
  2. Structure
  3. Technology
  4. Environment
  5. Social system

► Scope of Organisational Behavior

The scope of organizational behavior is broadly divided into three dimensions.

  •  Individual behavior
  •  Inter-individual behavior
  •  Organizational behavior

✔ Individual Behavior

Organizational behavior has a great scope in studying individual behavior. We can study an individual behavior from the personality, values, learning, attitude, motivation, interests, and attitude.

✔ Inter-individual Behavior

The scope of organizational behavior is very wide in the study of Inter-individual behavior, we can use the study of organizational behavior in the following ways

  • analyze the relationship of an individual with superiors, subordinates, and social groups.
  • To understand the group dynamics or group behavior
  • To understand the leadership style
  • To understand the level and channel of communication
  • To understand the structure of team and group

✔ Organizational Behavior

Understanding organizational behavior is very significant for improving an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. OB knowledge help in the following ways.

  • help in understanding and formulation of Organization structure
  • Understanding of cultural and environmental factors
  •  Understanding and formulation  of job design

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► Forces Affecting Organisational Behavior

The factor affecting the organization’s behavior is classified into two categories-

  1.  Internal Factor
  2. External Factor

✔ External Factors

  • The level of automation and technology
  • Marketing condition
  • Social change
  • Political and legal change

✔ Internal Factors

  • Conflict among the coworker and employee or management.
  • Demographic organization workforce.
  • Abilities and skills of employees.
  • Perception of individuals regarding the organization, superiors, coworkers, and juniors.
  • Attitude and belief of an individual.