Engineering Topics are list here that are helpful for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronic, IT, and Computer Science students.


Multiplexing (FDM, WDM, TDM): Use, Type, Technique, Computer Networking

We'll go through the notion of multiplexing in computer networks in this tutorial. We have shared all the basic information about MUX used in...
what is innovation

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the reasonable utilization of thoughts that outcome in various new kinds of new contributions, similar to items, administrations, cycles, and plans of...

Routing Protocols: Types, Static, Dynamic, Distance Vector, Link-state

Here in this article, we have shared a basic introduction to Routing Protocols. and also, we have discussed types of routing protocols in the...

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) for Data Error Detection (With Example)

Bits can be corrupted while being transported over a computer network owing to interference and network difficulties. Errors are caused by corrupted bits, which...

TCP/IP Model (Internet Protocol Suite): Functions, ICMP, Transport Layer

TCP/IP Model stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Model. The TCP/IP model contains four layers from the seven layers of the OSI model. Hence...
data link layer

Data Link Layer in OSI Model: Function, Design Issue, Error, Flow Control

Data Link Layer is the second layer of the OSI model in computer networking, OSI is a seven-layer model that refers to the Open...
Bubble Sort In JAVA

Bubble Sort In JAVA (Algorithm Program Steps With Examples)

The Bubble sort algorithm is one of the most simple sorting algorithms and it is a great learning tool because it is easy to...
Computer Science vs Software Engineering

Computer Science vs Software Engineering: Differences & Scope

There is a big confusion among students about Computer Science vs Software engineering. So here in this article, we have shared key differences and...
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP): HTTPS Difference, Work, Type, Proxy

HTTP full form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is an application layer network protocol built on top of TCP. HTTP provides a standard for...
recursive function in python

Recursion Function in Python With Examples (Basic Introduction)

Recursion simply means the process of repeating items in a self-similar way. The recursion function in python or any other programming language allows you...