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Management Studies topics are listed here that are helpful for MBA, BBA, and B.Com students.

financial management syllabus

Financial Management Syllabus in MBA

Financial Management, in short, FM is an important subject in management study and courses like PGDM, MBA, B.com, M.com, BBA, ..etc. Here we have...
entrepreneurship development

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship development is concerned with the study of entrepreneurship behavior. the dynamics of business setup, development, and expansion of the business. Here in this...
what is marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the activity of creating communicating delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, partners, and overall society at large. Here in...
code of discipline in industrial relations

Code of Discipline in Industrial Relation

The code of discipline in industrial relation is very essential because in today's world industrial disputes and grievances are become very common in industrial...
Rational Decision Making

Rational Decision Making: Definition, Model Process, Importance, Example

Rational decision-making in choosing the best solution from multiple alternatives solution and answers. it is a process step by step that helps us identify...
Integrated Marketing Communications Syllabus

Integrated Marketing Communications Syllabus for MBA – UTU Dehradun

Integrated Marketing Communications is a subject in management study and courses like PGDM, MBA, B.com, M.com, BBA, ..etc. Here we have shared all the...
Theories of International Trade: Types, Classical, Modern, Example

Theories of International Trade

Theories of International Trade are different theories that explain what is international trade and its purpose. Trade theories depict how a country can leverage...
What is Hawthorne Experiment theory

What is Hawthorne Experiment? Theory by Elton Mayo, 4 Phases

Hawthorne experiments were designed to study how different aspects of the work environment, such as lighting, the timing of breaks, and the length of...
what is entrepreneurship meaning

What is Entrepreneurship? Meaning, Define, Characteristics, Types

Entrepreneurship is the act of managing an enterprise that has the potential to make a profit or incur a loss. Entrepreneurship is the business...
managerial level

Levels of Management: 3 Functional Area & Types of Managers

Multi-national companies (MNC) and business organizations often have three primary levels of management organized in a hierarchical structure. Managerial functions in a number of...