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Management Studies topics are listed here that are helpful for MBA, BBA, and B.Com students.

planning in management

What is Planning in Management? Definition, Objective & Importance

Planning is a continuous process and the primary function of management. Planning in management is all about outlining a future course of action in...
types of ethics

Types of Ethics (Dimensions & Branches): Meta, Prescriptive, Applied

Ethics is a branch of Philosophy and it has multi-dimensions. Here we have shared types of ethics and how it is categorized based on...
roles of manager

10 Roles of Manager: Managerial Roles by Henry Mintzberg

Roles of Manager refers to the responsibilities of managerial position, Mintzberg has defined the roles of managers to identify what managers do in the...
factors influencing business ethics

Factors Influencing Business Ethics: Determinants, Importance & Example

Business organizations and their owners are well-acknowledged of the ethical issues and hence they want to enhance the ethical standards of the business. Self-regulation...
Staffing in Management

What is Staffing in Management? Meaning, Definition, Process

Staffing in management is characterized as the method involved with recruiting, selecting, promoting, and transfer of the right person to fill in a vacant...
Essential Elements of Valid Contract

Essential Elements of Valid Contract (Explained With Examples)

To clarify the basics of a legitimate or valid agreement, we carry you with the rundown unfurled by the Indian Contract Act 1872. Today...
what is international business

What is International Business?

International business alludes to the exchange of products, administrations, innovation, capital, and additional information across public lines and at a worldwide or transnational scale....
approaches of international trade

Approaches of International Business

If a firm wants to expand its business and want to explore new opportunities in foreign markets, here the approaches of international business help...
What is Hawthorne Experiment theory

What is Hawthorne Experiment? Theory by Elton Mayo, 4 Phases

Hawthorne experiments were designed to study how different aspects of the work environment, such as lighting, the timing of breaks, and the length of...
strategic planning process

Steps in Planning Process in Management: Business Strategic Plans

As we have shared in our previous articles, Planning is the primary function of management. Planning refers to that activity when we decide in...