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Management Studies topics are listed here that are helpful for MBA, BBA, and B.Com students.

business ethics

Business Ethics: Meaning, Definition, Importance Types, Example

Organizations or teams may uphold certain business ethics to maintain employee welfare, accountability, and reputation. We can also develop personal business ethics that align...
what is sales quota

What is Sales Quota?

Sales quotas are assigned to individual salespeople or sales units over a particular time period and are used to plan, control, and evaluate the...
human resource development

What is Human Resource Development?

Human Resource Development is all about improving the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them by providing training and development programs....
kohlberg theory of moral development

Kohlberg Theory of Moral Development: Morality 6 Stages, Gilligan Theory

The Kohlberg Theory of moral development where focuses on how the children develop their morality and the reasons for their moral value. Kohlberg theory...
Administrative Management

Administrative Management: Meaning, Principles, Theory & Advantages

Administrative Management theory tries to find a rational way to design an organization as a whole. This theory formulates administrative structure, a clear division...

Basics of Accounting – Definition, Objective, Scope, Process & Advantages

Accounting has rightly been termed as the language of the business because of investment of financial resources in the form of material, man, and...
Rational Decision Making

Rational Decision Making: Definition, Model Process, Importance, Example

Rational decision-making in choosing the best solution from multiple alternatives solution and answers. it is a process step by step that helps us identify...
Sources of Recruitment

Sources of Recruitment: Internal, External (Explained with Examples)

Recruitment refers to the overall process of attracting suitable candidates for vacant positions or jobs in the organization. Today in this article we have...
what is project management

What is Project Management? Meaning, Objective, Importance, Principles

Project management is a process of application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to run project activities to achieve project requirements and objectives.Today we...
selection process

Selection Process in HRM: Steps, Test, Interview (Explained in Detail)

Selection is the screening step of staffing in which the solicited applications are screened out and suitable candidates are appointed as per the requirements....