Management Studies topics are listed here that are helpful for MBA, BBA, and B.Com students.

methods of performance appraisal

Methods of Performance Appraisal

One of the important responsibilities of a manager is to perform performance appraisal.  Measuring the performance of an employee is a very difficult and...
methods of job evaluation

Methods of Job Evaluation

In today's corporate world the significance of job evaluation becomes very higher. Job evaluation is not only limited to deciding the salary or wages...
methods of job analysis

Methods of Job Analysis

After reading this article, you will get complete knowledge about all the methods of job analysis with their advantages and advantages used by organizations...
Principles of Directing

8 Principles of Directing

Directing is a very crucial function for any business organization, because of its importance, there are many principles of directing that help the manager...
code of discipline in industrial relations

Code of Discipline in Industrial Relation

The code of discipline in industrial relation is very essential because in today's world industrial disputes and grievances are become very common in industrial...
Workers Participation in Management

Workers Participation in Management

In today's world, the concept of participative management is globally accepted and well-established. The idea become much popular among organizations The business organization is...
causes of industrial disputes

Causes of Industrial Disputes

Industry and industrial disputes are considered the two sides of the same coin. Disputes are very common in industries but their consequences are very...
what is industrial relation

What is Industrial Relation?

Industrial relation is the relationship between employer and employees that is considered of core importance for a business's success and operation. Here in this...
organizational change

What is Organizational Change?

Organizational Change Management is the organized, systematic application of knowledge, tools, and resources of change that provide organizations with a key process to achieve...
group dynamics

What is Group Dynamics?

Group dynamics is the study of groups and is also a general term for group processes. Today in this article we have shared about...