Difference between Training and Development


Training and development are considered a very crucial part of Human Resources Management. When an employee joins the organization it becomes necessary to impart new knowledge-specific skills, and abilities, to the employee. Many people interpret or interchange the word training and development but both the term have individual meanings.

Training and development are not only limited to workers but it was also given to executives, supervisors, and managers so that they can perform their duties in an effective and efficient way.

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  • What is the meaning of training in HRM
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► What is Training and Development in HRM?

Employee training and development have paramount importance in the organization. it is considered an indispensable function of human resource management. Both activities aimed at improving the performance and productivity of the employees.

Training and development in consider an attempt to the improve performance of the employee. It increases the employee’s ability to perform by imparting new knowledge and skill and changing the behavior and attitude.

it is used as an educational tool. During the training and development program, new instruction and information are given to employees that increase their existing skills which results in an increase in the productivity and efficiency of both individuals and organizations.

Training and development are not only limited to the growth of workers but also provide a competitive advantage to the firm. It ensures the success of the firm because removing the performance deficiency of individuals reduces the wastage of resource and accident, meets the future need of employees, and motivate the employee to easily cope with the change.

Training Meaning in HRM

In simple words, training is defined as the process of imparting technical skills to employees who have required to do specific tasks. Training has a narrow perspective.

The training program is organized by the organization after an assessment of the training needs of workers. It helps to develop knowledge and skills in the employees as per the requirement of the job.

Development Meaning in HRM

Development is defined as the learning opportunities offered to employees that help them grow their potential. The development program is organized by firms that conclude a set of activity in which they help the employees to learn and grows.

Development means the overall growth of employees. It considers the long-term investment in human resources.

► Difference Between Training and Development

1. DefinitionTraining is defined as a learning process in which new skills and knowledge are imparted to the employees as per the job requirement.Development is considered an educational process that is concerned with the growth of employees in all aspects.
2. TermTraining is a Short term processDevelopment is a Long term process
3. Focus onTraining Program focuses on Present needs and challengesDevelopment program focuses on Future needs and challenges
4. OrientationTraining is job oriented programDevelopment is a career-oriented program.
5. ScopeTraining has a narrow scopeDevelopment has a wide scope.
6. ObjectiveThe objective of Training is to improve the work performances of the employees.The objective of the Development program is to prepare employees for future challenges.
7. Time periodThe duration of Training lasts for a few days or weeks.Development is a Continuous process.
8. AimImpart specific job-related skills.The overall growth of employees.


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