What is Induction Program?


An induction program is one of the important functions of human resource management. Indiction a newcomer is introduced to his or her job so that the employee feels comfortable and or easily gets settled in the new working environment.

An induction is designed in such a way that helps a new employee to socialize with the organization, function comfortably, and be stress-free.

In this article, we discuss in detail what is an induction program, its meaning, definition, element, and importance of induction for employers and employees.

► What is Induction Program?

The induction program is a well-planned process designed for welcoming newly recruited employees into the organization. Induction help new employees in supporting and adjusting to their new roles and working environment.

An effective induction program should not only apply to new employees but also to employees moving from one job to another within the organization.

Meaning of Induction Program

  • The term induction is derived from the Latin term “inducere” which in Latin means “to bring” or ” to introduce”
  • An induction program is created for new employees so they can easily fit into a new environment and have a better understanding of their roles and responsibility, company policies, and business.

Definition of the Induction

Induction is defined as a process that takes place on the day when new employees join the organization. A new joinee or employee is introduced to, the company’s mission, vision, values, policies, norms, company history, organization hierarchy, clients and partners, dress code, etc.

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► Elements included in an induction program

The important elements include in an induction are as follows:

  • A formal greeting of new employees by a designated person.
  • Information is given related to employee company history, mission, vision, company structure, products, services, etc.
  • Also provides information related to job-related roles and responsibilities.
  • Include information related to the main terms and conditions of employment.
  • Information-related training and development opportunities, performance appraisal.
  • The information provides workplace safety and health.
  • Benefits and facilities provided by an organization to its employee.
  • Include a tour of the offices and workplace.

► Importance of induction for employer

  • It brings a positive workplace culture as new employee easily and comfortably integrates into an organization.
  • It ensures higher operational efficiency and productivity of employee which reduce resource wastage and help minimize cost.
  • It increases employee retention which reduces the cost of recruitment and selection.
  • Through induction employees get complete knowledge about company policies and procedures and employee compliance with those policies and rules.
  • It enhances the company’s image or reputation by creating a professional impression.
  • It helps new employees to understand their roles and responsibility.
  • It helps new hires to settle easily in the organization.
  • A better understanding of organizational policies and produce helps in reducing the grievances between employers and employees.
  • through the help of induction, program employee knows their superior and coworker which increase effective communication and eliminate the chances of conflicts.
  • Employees get complete knowledge about products and services so it made easier for him or them to do work effectively and commit fewer mistakes.