Management Studies topics are listed here that are helpful for MBA, BBA, and B.Com students.

Workers Participation in Management

Workers Participation in Management

In today's world, the concept of participative management is globally accepted and well-established. The idea become much popular among organizations The business organization is...

Basics of Accounting – Definition, Objective, Scope, Process & Advantages

Accounting has rightly been termed as the language of the business because of investment of financial resources in the form of material, man, and...
Administrative Management

Administrative Management: Meaning, Principles, Theory & Advantages

Administrative Management theory tries to find a rational way to design an organization as a whole. This theory formulates administrative structure, a clear division...
scope of organizational behavior

Scope of Organisational Behavior

With the help of this article, you will in detail get an overview of what is organizational behavior, its meaning, and definition, the elements...

Managerial Skills: Types, Definition, Levels & Examples in Management

Managerial skills can be defined as certain abilities that a manager/executive should possess in order to fulfill specific tasks in an organization. From the very...
selection process

Selection Process in HRM: Steps, Test, Interview (Explained in Detail)

Selection is the screening step of staffing in which the solicited applications are screened out and suitable candidates are appointed as per the requirements....
Types of Plans

Types of Plans in Business: Breadth, Time-frame, Specificity & Frequency

Plans are essential to achieve any organizational goal and for the success of the business. Types of plans in business and management depend on...
management as a science and art

Management as a Science or Art or Profession (Explained with Examples)

Management must be analyzed with different aspects in terms of Management as a science and art to know the essential nature of management. Also,...
kohlberg theory of moral development

Kohlberg Theory of Moral Development: Morality 6 Stages, Gilligan Theory

The Kohlberg Theory of moral development where focuses on how the children develop their morality and the reasons for their moral value. Kohlberg theory...
models of organizational bahavior

Models of Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is the academic study of what people do in an organization and how their behavior affects the organization's performance. Here in this...