Management Studies topics are listed here that are helpful for MBA, BBA, and B.Com students.

what is succession planning

What is Succession Planning? Meaning, Definition, Type, Examples

Succession planning is a proactive and systematic process where organizations identify those positions considered to be at the core of the organization and then create a strategic plan to fill those positions with qualified...
what is career planning

What is Career Planning & Development? Meaning, Definition

Career planning is planning for an occupation or a profession that one undertakes for a long period of his lifespan and gets monetary benefits from it. Today we have shared What is career planning...
what is personal selling

What is Personal Selling? Meaning, Definition, Process, Types, Examples

Personal selling is an important component of a company's promotion mix, along with advertising, marketing, sales promotion, and public relation. Here we have tried to discuss all the concepts of personal selling in very...
sales forecasting

What is Sales Forecasting? Meaning, Definition, Methods, Techniques

Sales forecasting is a projection of expected customer demand for the product or service at a company and it is calculated for a specific time period. Here we are sharing a detailed article on...
What is Sales Management

What is Sales Management? Meaning, Definition, Functions, Objectives

Sales Management is the backbone of the marketing function as it manages sales force personnel and sale operations of the company. Today in this article we have shared a complete overview of Sale Management,...
what is sales budget

What is Sales Budget? Meaning, Definition, Preparation, Example

A Sales budget act as a yardstick for evaluating the company's performance. Today in this article we have discussed what is sales budget and how it is prepared. factors affecting the budgets and their...
Defamation laws in India

Defamation Laws in India: Meaning, Types, Civil, Criminal Example

Defamation laws in India are considered both criminal which is a punishable offense leading to imprisonment and civil offense which is punishable leading to the award of damages. Civil defamation is punishable under the...
What is Project Scheduling

What is Project Scheduling: Definition, Importance, Types, Example

Project Scheduling is a process of defining project activities, determining their sequence, and estimating their duration. Activities in Project Schedule are part of project time management. Here in this article, we have shared a detailed...
what is Corporate Restructuring

What is Corporate Restructuring? Meaning, Definition, Objectives

Corporate restructuring refers to the act of changing ownership, business mix, asset mix & alliance with a view to enhancing the shareholder's value and interest. Corporate restructuring may involve ownership restructuring, business restructuring, and...
what is project planning

What is Project Planning? Meaning, Definition, Importance, Steps in Process

Project Planning in project management is a crucial step and it acts as a roadmap that all stakeholders can follow along its path. Here in this article, we have discussed what is project planning?...
roles and responsibilities of project manager

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager: Functions, Key Roles, Skills

The project manager performs the same functions as other managers making their plan, schedule, motivating, and control. The roles and responsibilities of Project Manager are very challenging and dynamic in nature. The project manager is...
project organization

What is Project Organization? Form, Types, Line, Divisional, Matrix

Project Organization is a project-focused organizational structure where the project manager has the final authority over the project to make the project decisions priorities and to acquire and assign resources. Here we will discuss what...
project life cycle

What is Project Life Cycle? Meaning, 5 Stages & Phases (with Examples)

Any project is unique in nature and works with the term of the project life cycle. The project manager finds it helpful to use the project life cycle as the cornerstone for managing the...
what is business process reengineering bpr

What is Business Process Reengineering? BPR, Meaning, Definition

Business Process Reengineering, BPR refers to an attempt to improvise the operation of a business on a large scale. The primary aim of Business Process Re-engineering is to cut down process redundancies and enterprise...
What is ergonomics

What is Ergonomics? Meaning, Definition, Feature, Importance, Types

Ergonomics is the study and practice of creating employment or workplaces that are matched to the human body's capabilities and limits. Today in this article we have discussed what is Ergonomics, its meaning, definitions,...
Principles of TQM

8 Key Principles of TQM: Total Quality Management, Customer Focus

There are various principles of TQM. Implementation and success will differ from one firm to the next, as with most management strategies and practices. While no single strategy is universally accepted, the most popular Principles...
what is tqm?

What is TQM? Total Quality Management, Meaning, Definition, Principles

Total Quality Management, TQM is an approach of management to achieve long-term success by focusing on customer satisfaction. Here in this article, we have discussed What is TQM? its Meaning, Definition, Objective, Importance, Benefits, and...
kohlberg theory of moral development

Kohlberg Theory of Moral Development: Morality 6 Stages, Gilligan Theory

The Kohlberg Theory of moral development where focuses on how the children develop their morality and the reasons for their moral value. Kohlberg theory suggests to us that moral value will be developed in...
types of ethics

Types of Ethics (Dimensions & Branches): Meta, Prescriptive, Applied

Ethics is a branch of Philosophy and it has multi-dimensions. Here we have shared types of ethics and how it is categorized based on situations. It can be applied in many fields like environment,...
what is project management

What is Project Management? Meaning, Objective, Importance, Principles

Project management is a process of application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to run project activities to achieve project requirements and objectives. Today we have shared a detailed article on project mgmt. Here you...
what is corporate governance?

What is Corporate Governance? Meaning, Definition, Importance, Models

Corporate governance is the coordination and maintenance of a set of relations that promote the interest of stockholders and stakeholders of a business corporation. Here in this article, we have discussed what is corp....
factors influencing business ethics

Factors Influencing Business Ethics: Determinants, Importance & Example

Business organizations and their owners are well-acknowledged of the ethical issues and hence they want to enhance the ethical standards of the business. Self-regulation is, of course, better and gives satisfying results. Besides, there...
Rational Decision Making

Rational Decision Making: Definition, Model Process, Importance, Example

Rational decision-making in choosing the best solution from multiple alternatives solution and answers. it is a process step by step that helps us identify a problem and pick the best alternative solution. Here we have...
Principles of Corporate Governance

Principles of Corporate Governance & OECD Principles (Explained with Examples)

Principles of corporate governance consist of those guidelines which are formulated to make the government more efficient, competitive, and socially acceptable too. Here we have shared the topic Principles of corporative governance; ► Principles of Corporate...
what is entrepreneurship meaning

What is Entrepreneurship? Meaning, Define, Characteristics, Types

Entrepreneurship is the act of managing an enterprise that has the potential to make a profit or incur a loss. Entrepreneurship is the business jargon used for the process of business activity that an...
human-resource-and-planning-development syllabus

Human Resource Planning & Development Syllabus for MBA – UTU Dehradun

Human Resource Planning & Development, in short, HRPD is an important subject in management study and courses like PGDM, MBA,,, BBA, ..etc. Here we have shared all the topics that are in...